Yeti Drink Cooler Keep Beer Cold

Cheap Yeti Cups

Yeti started constructing wicked tough coolers in 2006. In years prior, I speculate they built Army tanks. Both the Yeti Rambler Tumbler and the Rambler Colster are practically bullet proof cheap yeti cups(although I am not prepared to test that theory) and reliably keep beverages cold throughout the blazing hot summer.

I’ve been using the 30 ounce wholesale Yeti cups drink cooler Rambler Tumbler for several weeks now and it has not left my side. Each morning at 5:30 AM I fill my Tumbler with freshly brewed coffee. At 9:00 when I take my last sip (Is it bad to drink coffee for 3.5 hours?), the coffee is still piping hot.

After a quick wash, I fill the the rugged stainless steel Yeti drink cooler with ice water. I have found that I drink considerably more water when it is consistently cold, helping to avoid dehydration on hot days.

I also may have (there is no proof) covertly filled the Tumbler with a certain craft summer beer on a recent art festival outing. Now that’s a multipurpose utility cup.

Oh yeah, because of the tapered design, the Tumbler easily fits the beverage holder in my truck.yeti rambler tumbler

The Rambler Colster has been essential at the pool and on the boat. Both environments provide very little shade where an unprotected soda, or summer beer, will come to a boil within minutes. Install the insulated Colster on a can or bottle and your refreshing beverage will be enjoyable for hours. If you happen to kick your Colster into the lake, snag it quick. As it fills with water it will sink, and you don’t want to squander both a Colster and a refreshing summer beer.