What happened to fishing – YETI

The fun of fishing In my memory, there have been many interesting things that are full of fun. The most memorable thing was that I went fishing with my father that time. The
On a sunny Sunday, Dad said to me, “It’s so good today. Can we go fishing?” I said excitedly: “OK.” I think: Dad never fished and fished. A lot of fun.
We took fishing equipment and came to the lake of the park. Dad took out the fishing equipment, taught me how to put the line, and how to take the line. So, my father and I took out the fishing rods, respectively, and hung a hook on the hook. Then, slowly put the fishing line into the lake and wait quietly.
After a long time, the sun rose and got hotter. I was sweating hot and I wanted to ask my father to buy a bottle of water for me. At this time, I saw my father sweating hot, but did not say a hot word, so I also sit quietly fishing. After a while, the buoy on my dad’s fishing rod suddenly moved. So he stood up and took care of it. “What a big fish!” I cried in surprise. Dad took the fish off the hook and put it in the fish, and then said to me, “Look, I’ve caught one, you’re going to refuel!” I said unconvincingly: “Oh, don’t be small Look at me, I will be able to catch a big fish.” After a long time, the buoy on my fish’s fins also moved. I was very happy in my heart: It must be a big fish. As a result, I slowly picked up the fishing line. As a result, it was a fish smaller than the palm of my hand, not the big fish I imagined. At this time, I was discouraged and thought that fishing was not that fun. Daddy saw my mind and said, “Kid, don’t be discouraged. Persistence is victory. You must be able to catch a big fish.” After listening to my father, I regained my confidence and continued to fish. I sat by the lake and waited patiently. After a long time, the buoy flickered. I learned my dad that way, carefully and carefully. The fish on the hook jumped. It turned out to be a big fish. I was very happy.
On that day, Dad and I caught a lot of fish and we were all very happy. From that fishing, I knew that fishing was a very interesting thing. It also understood that fishing should be insisted on and patience should be used to catch big fish.